Damien Jurado is a great minimalist: The songwriter from Seattle is increasingly satisfied with the same gentle feeling in constantly calm music. It is fortunate when an artist finds such a resonance that the song does not have to be wrested from an idea, but is a very direct expression. Also on “Reggae Film Star” one snuggles up to this quiet music with Sixties-Folk references. Of course, Jurado’s voice is decisive, but the production aesthetic that has become typical here is also a show. The soft drums and the gently swaying strings, the simple acoustic guitar and many barely audible details create a dreamlike atmosphere.

    It’s the most beautiful pictures, it’s the most beautiful music

    Actors, cameramen, spectators: Jurado’s protagonists seem to be part of a film set. Maybe the whole album is the documentary narration of one day on the set. One gets lost in these associations, memories and self-lost thoughts. In this way, the record itself becomes cinéma vérité. It’s the most beautiful pictures, it’s the most beautiful music.


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