Every now and then one wishes that the influence of producer Daniel Lopatin alias Oneohtrix Point Never were more clearly noticeable: Crackling electronics and constantly changing speed, powerful beats do Sophia Allison’s ruthlessly open lyrics very well, for example in the eerily echoing “Unholy Affliction”.

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    For her third album as Soccer Mommy, the American singer/songwriter brought Lopatin on board to creatively brush against the grain of her lo-fi compositions, which were once created in the proverbial bedroom. With a few exceptions, however, SOMETIMES, FOREVER remains – also in terms of atmosphere – mostly true to soft post-grunge, which is surprisingly eruptive and unbridled in “Darkness Forever”. “Don’t Ask Me” on the other hand sounds like a cross between The Cure and The Breeders, so great, but not really avant-garde. More like an euphoric 90s college rock revival.

    Accordingly, the lyrics are less self-accusing this time, as if Soccer Mommy’s latest album COLOR THEORY, dedicated to her dead mother, had cathartic effect and cleared the way for themes of love and desire. But even these areas are not unencumbered with Allison, as the anthem-like, ravishing single “Shotgun” shows, in which the musician describes herself as a bullet in the barrel who will be there when needed.


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