Many of the school subjects that Regina Spektor brought to life for the song “Loveology” one would actually like to see on the timetable as a young person; Love affairs in particular would then have been easier. “Youology, Meology, Loveology / Kissology, Stayology, I’msorryology, Forgivemeology”, the New Yorker lists a whole series of preventive measures for couple therapy in the melancholic piano piece.

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    If you want to practice reginaspectorology, you will notice on their eighth studio album HOME, BEFORE AND AFTER that no one else writes songs like them. Superficially, the pieces, mostly written on the piano, seem like sweet chamber pop ballads or US traditional pop pieces, but the little stories that Spektor tells in the songs are solitaire.

    This begins with God inviting the lyrical self out for a beer on the way home (“Becoming All Alone”) and continues through to the closing ballad “Through A Door”, in which hearts break through closed doors and wander through empty holes . The fact that Regina Spektor performed on Broadway fits the picture, as the songs come across with grand gestures – but you can also hear their influence on the New York anti-folk scene on this album.


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    Porcupine Tree :: Closure/Continuation

    After a 13-year break, the English prog rock heroes show what they can still do.


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