Furlani, the CEO with a Rossoneri heart who takes care of the accounts and the transfer market

The AC Milan CEO is among the four suspects in the investigation by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office. From his degree at Bocconi to his career at Elliott, the story of an executive who has been in the Devil’s control room for six years

Rude awakening. Intercom ringing early in the morning, investigators going up to the house and asking to make all electronic devices available. Computers, tablets, phones. Giorgio Furlani’s Tuesday 13 March began like this, with a visit to his home by the Guardia di Finanza, who gave him the judicial document in which he was notified of the start of an investigation. Keywords: search decree, and guarantee information and right of defense. His name is among the four suspects because it is his role that automatically implicates him: Furlani is the CEO. of the Rossoneri club and the hypothesis contested in the investigation is “an obstacle to the FIGC’s supervisory activity regarding the communication of the beneficial ownership of the company”. A situation for which the CEO must therefore be legally responsible. The investigative searches then continued in his office on the fourth floor in via Aldo Rossi. Immediately, a moment of confusion, then of amazement quickly replaced by the need – and desire – to clarify one’s position.