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At their concert in Madrid (Tuesday, March 12th) Depeche Mode brought a flamenco dancer onto their stage. Belén López danced a few bars to “Enjoy The Silence” with the band. A paper was previously published on social media that provided information about video recordings for a concert film by the band.

Depeche Mode performed at the WiZink Center in Madrid and apparently wanted to demonstrate their love for flamenco music. According to a report from “,” the band went to dinner on Monday at “Flamenco de Leones,” a flamenco venue, where they met López. After their dance performance to “Enjoy The Silence” there were warm hugs from Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Christian Eigner and Peter Gordeno. It’s very, very rare for Depeche Mode to invite guest stars onto their stage – when was the last time before?

The musicians’ improvisations to López’s dance are worth listening to, and Dancing Dave can keep up quite well too.

In any case, it’s hard to imagine that DeMo in Germany would bring a traditional, country-typical dancer onto the stage…

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Who is Belen Lopez?

37-year-old Ana Belén López Ruiz “Belén López” was born in Tarragona and began studying at the Madrid Conservatory at the age of eleven. At the age of seven, she won the television competition “Bravo Bravísimo” and performed in the Madrid theater with the dancer Ángel Corella.

In December 1994, she was invited by Corella to perform with him in a UNICEF benefit show presented by Concha Galán at the Madrid Theater. In May 2004, at the age of 17, she received the National Flamenco Prize “Mario Maya” and in March 2005 she was awarded the Best New Artist Award by the Corral de la Pacheca.

On October 3, 2003, she was the only dancer to perform in front of Queen Sofía at a charity dinner gala at the Zarzuela Theater in Madrid. Awards: National Flamenco Award “Mario Maya” 2004 and the Best New Artist Award 2005 from Corral de la Pacheca.