Team | Klose on returning Kroos: “Is urgently needed”

In an interview with t-online, Miro Klose talks about the upcoming home European Championships, the return of Toni Kroos, the German storm problem and his special relationship with Jamal Musiala.

In 2014, Miroslav Klose became world champion with the German national team in Brazil. In addition, he crowned himself the sole World Cup record top scorer with his 16th tournament goal, leaving the Brazilian Ronaldo (15 goals) behind him.

Klose and German football as a whole had reached an absolute peak. Almost ten years later, when it comes to the national team, it seems like it comes from a long-forgotten time. Most recently, the former tournament team was quietly eliminated in the preliminary round as defending champions at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and at the winter tournament in Qatar in 2022. At the European Championships in 2021, the final stop was in the round of 16 against England (0:2).

The upcoming home European Championships should actually be the beginning of a new era for the national team. Due to the sobering development, national coach Hansi Flick was fired. Now Julian Nagelsmann, as his successor, should finally be able to ignite the euphoria he was hoping for.

In an interview with t-online, Klose talks about his expectations for the home European Championship, the German storm problem after his resignation, the return of Toni Kroos and his special relationship with Jamal Musiala.

t-online: You know Jamal Musiala very well, having worked with him at FC Bayern as a U17 coach and later as an assistant coach for the professionals. How do you see his development?

Miroslav Klose: Of course, we all hoped that he would develop so quickly into a regular player at Bayern and also in the national team. But that’s not a given. You also have to have the coaches who recognize the talent and promote it. But then the work begins. Also in many conversations with the player himself, his parents, those around him. Above all, you need the unconditional will of the player himself, to whom you then show certain things, show him a path, work together on his strengths and weaknesses, create a plan with him – and then train these things.

What impresses you most about his game today?

Now when I see his first contact, his receiving and carrying the ball, it gives me great pleasure to see how he can make the difference. He won’t be able to pull the whole squad, that will never happen at this age. But if he continues like this and stays on the ground, I won’t worry about it at all. Because I also know his mother and know who is behind him. He will also be a very important player at the European Championships.

What role can he play, even that of a leader?

It would be a bit of an exaggeration to expect him to be a leader at the European Championships. He has to lead with performance, that’s what he does and also takes responsibility. But being a leading player in the national team and at a major tournament is something else. We have enough players who can and must lead the way. Jamal will grow into it and become a tougher character. This is only possible through success and good performance. At some point he will be ready to take on even more responsibility. But you should give him time to make mistakes and grow into this role. He has the necessary quality. But it would be too early to expect all of this from him in the summer. I’m happy when he makes the difference in games. Just like his goal on the last matchday, with which he shot Bayern to the championship.