Since Monday, the DHB team has been in immediate preparation with an 18-man squad. The fact that his ambitions are kept within rather narrow limits and that many observers are cautious when it comes to expectations is due to the lack of top players in the German squad: with goalkeeper Andreas Wolff (KS Kielce), Lukas Mertens, Philipp Weber (both SC Magdeburg) and Rune Dahmke ( THW Kiel) only four players are represented in the EHF Champions League this season.


    The selection of national coach Alfreð Gíslason occurs first in Silesian Katowice. In the preliminary round at Spodek she meets Qatar (Friday), Serbia (Sunday) and Algeria (Tuesday, 6 p.m. each day). She should undoubtedly aim for a first phase of the tournament without losing points in order to go into the main round with the best starting position – ideally it would go via Gdańsk, the location of the quarter-finals, to Stockholm for the final weekend.


    The men’s handball world championship begins in four days; the 28th edition is hosted by Poland and Sweden. The German handball players, who missed the knockout phase both at the most recent European Championship and at the last global tournament two years ago and thus fell short of expectations, want to take a step forward again on the big international stage.


    Good day from Bremen! In preparation for the World Cup starting on Wednesday, the German national handball team is playing a dress rehearsal brace against Iceland. The first 60 minutes of friendly play between the Gíslason team and “Strákarnir okkar” begin at 4:15 p.m. in the ÖVB Arena.