Status: 07.01.2023 3:46 p.m

    In this condition, there is no cure for Johannes Thingnes Bö. The Norwegian also won the biathlon pursuit. The German podium hopes were dashed at the shooting range.

    Serial winner Johannes Thingnes Bö has won his next race: The biathlon triumphant celebrated a superior start-finish victory in the 12.5-kilometer pursuit of Pokljuka on Saturday (07.01.2023). The best Germans were Benedikt Doll and Johannes Kühn in eleventh and twelveth place.

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    59th World Cup victory for Bö

    Today’s winner Bö could also afford two penalties – and still won with a lead of more than a minute over the competition. The Norwegian World Cup leader already left the last standing stage with a jubilant fist and ran a lap of honor to his 59th World Cup victory.

    Fillon Maillet from nine to two

    The fight for the other podium places was tighter. After the final shooting, three runners still had chances for second and third place. The Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet (+ 1:04.9 minutes) finally prevailed, defeating the older Bö brother Tarjei (+ 1:06.6 minutes) in the finish and finishing second.

    Three Norwegians in the top 4

    The Norwegian Sturla Holm Laegreid had to give up earlier, but in fourth (+ 1:17.8 minutes) underlined the strong Norwegian performance. The Italian Tommaso Giacomel achieved his best World Cup placement in fifth (+ 1:31.0 minutes). However, the 22-year-old failed to place in the top three with two penalties in the last standing stage.

    Doll from four to eleven

    The best German was Benedikt Doll, who failed to place on the podium at the very first shooting. After fourth place in the sprint on Friday (January 6th, 2023), the powerful Black Forester missed the first two shots – and fell back to 16th place. Doll fought his way up into the top 10 by the third shooting stage, but ultimately missed out on a better placement due to a mistake in the last shooting stage.

    Boldly from 44 to twelve

    Johannes Kühn, on the other hand, had a really strong race, moving up to twelfth place after being 44th in the sprint. The 31-year-old cleared all four stages and had the seventh best time, making him the best athlete in the pursuit. With his second top 15 placement of the winter, he also broke the norm for the home World Championships in Oberhof.

    Rees drops to 15th

    Roman Rees, eighth in the sprint, was the best German in the race for a long time. However, two shooting errors in the last shot prevented him from placing in the top 10, and he ended up 15th.

    Strelow and Horn knocked off

    Justus Strelow and Philipp Horn, who fell far behind, should be really annoyed. Strelow was only 51 with five penalties. Horn, who started the race from 29th place, even missed seven times and was only 54th.

    • Overall World Cup Men
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    After the sprint, Swede Elvira Öberg also won the pursuit on Pokljuka. Denise Herrmann-Wick was the best German in seventh place.

    In the men’s biathlon sprint in Pokljuka, the Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bö took his fourth win in the fourth race. Benedikt Doll from Germany just missed out on a podium place.

    Despite shooting errors, Denise Herrmann-Wick was able to convince in the biathlon sprint on the Pokljuka. However, the victory went to Elvira Öberg from Sweden.