Hair tuft: how much to cut it, how to wear it

dthe great trend in the seventies and in the two thousand, the tuft in the hair it then went out of fashion making room for various interpretations of the fringe to then return more popular than ever. Today – also thanks to its ease of styling – it is even one of the most evident hair trend of SS 2023. On TikTok the tutorials on “how to dry hair with a tuft” have already generated over 105 million views.

Hair tuft: how to wear it

I am definitely the long hair hey scaled cuts as the “Butterfly Cut” the most suitable hairlooks for tuft which can be worn laterally – covering the forehead and gaze – or centrally, open and in a curtain fringe style. The length is determined not only by the type of cut chosen but also from face shape which as always must be valued.

“The Medium-long tuft is perfect for those who love cuts with very large layers and that reach beyond the shoulders» he begins to explain Vincenzo Panico, Artistic Director Styling by Wella Company Italy.

Hair tuft, how to choose and cut it: from left, Elsa Hosk, J.Lo, Kate Mara (Instagram)

«Also perfect to wear with the central sciminatura, the medium-long tuft which reaches at least the cheekbones is also suitable for haircuts with vertical scaling, such as the “Long Bob”. When instead the tuft becomes particularly short, can be combined with haircut geometric, not too voluminous and with a minimal style, which do not go beyond the jaw area».

Side or central tuft: how to wear it according to the face

Better the lateral tuft or the tuft central? The answer is not so simple: some precautions must be taken into account.

«When you make a tuft, a very deep triangular area is cut obliquely towards the fulcrum of the head. I personally think they are the tufts with central line the more modern and expressive ones, also preferred by the younger ones. However, if you want the lateral tuft you have to take into account that it will bring out the cheekbones a lot ». It is therefore important to understand how far they are pronounced in order not to make a mistake.

“Also, a longer tuft will tend to thin the rounder face shapeswhile a short tuft will fit better rectangular and angular faces» continues the expert.

How to dry the tuft perfectly

«The drying techniques for this hairstyle are very simple. As a first step you need to take the whole tuft in a single section e use a medium-large round brush to proceed with drying”.

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«At this point it will be necessary direct the jet of the hair dryer downwards, rolling the section on the brush and making a downward motion, creating a strong roundness to the ends which will then be combed in the opposite direction. The result is a soft effect on the temporal areas and cheekbones» specifies Valerio Risk of Wella.

«The main feature of the tufted hair is to have a sort of congenital naturalness and easy way around the face. Drying then gives the whole hairstyle a relaxed look. Also, these “tufts 2.0” are extremely versatile and the younger ones really like them» concludes the expert.