Gerard Joling does not want to say anything about controversial sweetheart Linda de Mol

Gerard Joling, like many other celebrities, does not want to give an opinion about Linda de Mol’s controversial sweetheart. “I find it very difficult to say things about that,” said the singer.

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There are few celebrities who publicly express their opinion about discredited stars, and certainly not if there is a connection with the influential media family De Mol. The stars can’t really do it right either: if you step into the breach for them, you will get the masses over you, and if you lose them, doors in the media world may close.

Gerard is silent

Gerard Joling doesn’t dare to do it either Radio 538 is asked about Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen, Linda de Mol’s sweetheart. Host Frank Dane: “What do you actually think of Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen being prosecuted now?”

Then Gerard falls off his talking chair in one go. “I find that a very difficult one… Look, being prosecuted of course says something about the fact that the Public Prosecution Service has probably done its homework very well, but that does not mean that they are really convicted or that it will be acquitted. I find it very difficult to say things about that.”

‘Judge decides’

Frank understands that Gerard finds that difficult. “That is also very difficult, but it is nice that it is now with the judge and let him decide, right?”

Gerard: “Yes, fine. Then they will determine what is and what is not true. I think everyone will follow this with suspicion.”

Frank: “Do you still have corpses in the closet somewhere or not?”

Gerard: “No, I don’t believe that, no.”

‘Very ugly’

If The Voice of Holland ever returns, would Gerard want a part in it? “Well, not presenting, but of course I could easily be on the jury there.”

For the time being, Gerard is only doing The Masked Singer for RTL. “I have to tell you: I don’t go to RTL every week to ask if we are going to do something.”

Scandal book

Finally: will Gerard ever come up with his own biography? No, that is not currently planned. Former colleague Gordon came up with it years ago, and that caused quite a few scandals. There were also nasty things about Gerard.

Gerard: “That was very ugly. That was very unkind. I did not respond to that, but Erik de Zwart did. It had to be taken out. He’s had nothing but lawsuits with that book.”