Lto more famous Wednesday Addamsit must be said, is that of Christina Ricci, who played her in 1991 and 1993. Since then, the daughter of the gothic family they seemed to have gone missing, except on Halloween. At least until today: Wednesdaythe new Netflix series signed by Tim Burton, on air since November 23, has brought it back into vogue. And Wednesday’s gothic look conquers the beauty world again, between dark nuances, soft fringes and long pigtails.

    Wednesday Addams, beauty icon from the Thirties

    Long, indeed very long, black braids, almost transparent diaphanous skin, soft fringe framing the face. This is the look of the Addams Family teen since 1938, when it was born from the pencil of the cartoonist of The New Yorker Charles Addams. Today is there young actress Jenna Ortega, born in 2002, to play her in Wednesday directed by Tim Burton.

    But to celebrate it are also catwalks and other celebs on the red carpet. Anya Taylor Joy, for example, at the latest Harper’s Bazar Women of the Years Awards, she chose a look inspired by the famous Wednesday. Eyes made up in black, diaphanous skin and above all the famous pigtails that made the young Addams so iconic.

    Christina Ricci in the 90s, center, Jenna Ortega, new star of the Netflix series Wednesday, right, Anya Taylor-Joy on the ed carpet of the Harper’s Bazaar event

    Pigtails and bangs for Wednesday Addams

    In addition to the pigtails, the contemporary version of Wednesday Addams has one more detail that characterizes its hair look: the fringe. In fact, absent in the nineties versions, it was wanted by Tim Burton himself. This was confirmed by the actress herself during an interview with Interview Magazine. In fact, it seems that bangs modernize and make a character more contemporary now classic.

    The result is a hair look that is very popular and easy to copy. The fringe is full and completely even, slightly open in the center of the forehead but very soft, long until it touches the eyebrowsperfect for hair with a thick shaft or for very voluminous hair that doesn’t shave.

    A detail that has certainly not gone unnoticed in the fashion world: fringes have appeared on the catwalks framing the face, to be worn with long straight hair and combined with a dark make-up.

    Black, burgundy and lunar pallor: Wednesday Addams and dark make-up

    Wednesday also conquers the world of make up. Always the emblem of the marginalized and “strange” girl, teased for her look, she actually has a great sense of style. THEHis lunar pallor, in contrast with dark and gloomy looks, set the standard.

    In the TV series, as far as make-up is concerned, the twenty-year-old actress sports a absolutely flawless nude look that highlights candid and diaphanous skin. Only concessions are the lipstick, an opaque light burgundy, and the black and very shiny manicure.

    Make-up choices also taken up by Morticia Addams, alias Catherine Zeta Jones, mom on Wednesday. Equally gothic, with a very refined beauty look: next to the long one raven hair, a moon-like skin and very dark lips that alternate intense opaque burgundy and deep black. And gothic has never been so trendy.