These are the best April 1 jokes from Brabant, did you fall for it?

If you haven’t been tricked today, we’ll remind you: it’s April 1 again. And so many Brabant companies have already pulled out all the stops in the past week to fool their followers. Have you fallen for any of these pranks?

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The Helftheuvel shopping center in Den Bosch informed its customers last week that they are going to introduce new house rules. Due to a shortage of cleaning staff, visitors will now have to walk through the shopping center in their slippers.

If you don’t have your own slippers, but you still want to go to the mall, De Helftheuvel has a solution. At the entrance they have placed a rack with loaner slippers. There you can temporarily exchange your shoes for slippers to enter the store. There would also be someone to look after your shoes while you shop.

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On social media, many people realized the pranksters. “As if we’re still falling for this, it’s almost April 1,” responds an attentive reader.

dog workout
That was different at the ML City gym in Den Bosch, where most seemed genuinely enthusiastic about their fake action. At ML City, the dogs are allowed to go to the gym on Saturday 1 April to exercise together. Many people enthusiastically tagged other dog lovers to experience the adventure together or to share the video of the cute dogs playing in the gym. Unfortunately for them, the dogs are not really allowed to go to the gym.

Drinks for €1.50
“Because everything was better before, things are about to change”, the Eetcafé ‘t Torentje wrote on Facebook on March 10. The eatery says it wants to revive old times and will therefore make all consumptions considerably cheaper next month. “We have to adjust the prices to how it used to be: Just beer, wine and soft drinks vûr un euro feftig.”

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Musical update
The Efteling had made a good job of her joke. The amusement park distributed a news video announcing a new song for the 39-year-old Carnival Festival attraction. An Efteling spokesperson was dragged in front of the camera to explain why this iconic attraction is getting a musical update. And a DJ Duo, who supposedly made the new song, spoke proudly about their collaboration with Efteling.

At the end of the video it becomes clear to most that it is an April Fool’s joke. A technical specialist then tells you that the attraction will also go a lot faster from now on. From now on there would be no question of a quiet ride.

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Gender neutral name
The name of the well-known Megense pop festival Lolboompop is no longer of this time, they write on Facebook. Ultimately, according to the organization, they succumb to pressure from the woke community. The name has received negative reactions from various quarters in recent years. Not exactly gender neutral, according to the criticism. In any case, it produces nice reactions under the Facebook post dedicated to it:

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Tinder daycare
Single parents wondering how to go on a date without their kids seemed to be in luck. A new daycare center is said to have opened its doors in Breda: The Tinder Daycare Center. It would be the perfect place to leave the kids while you search for true love yourself.

According to the creators, there are already a lot of registrations for the new concept. Registration should therefore be done as soon as possible. But anyone who clicked through to the registration page quickly saw that it was a joke.

Technical talent wanted
Time for the children between the ages of 4 and 14 to help out in construction and technology. Hoppenbrouwers Techniek in Den Bosch will open the new training center for children aged 4-14 from 1 April. “You have to instill a passion for technology at an early age,” says general manager Henny de Haas. According to him, the talent program is also the perfect way to find the new management for 2050.

Hoppenbrouwers is looking for child talent on April 1 (Photo: Hoppenbrouwers Techniek)
Hoppenbrouwers is looking for child talent on April 1 (Photo: Hoppenbrouwers Techniek)

Cryptocurrency NOOB
BLOX, a cryptocurrency trading company, is launching a provincial cryptocurrency on April 1. The North Brabant digital currency will be called NOOB. The company is certain that the Brabant currency will strengthen local economies and communities. Residents of our province are given priority when buying this currency, which according to the organization can be a ‘realistic alternative to the euro’.

The NOOB is one of the twelve so-called crypto coins that BLOX will launch on April 1 (Photo: BLOX)
The NOOB is one of the twelve so-called crypto coins that BLOX will launch on April 1 (Photo: BLOX)