The Efter Nio host is excited about participating in the Dancing with the Stars program.

    Sonja Kailassaari dances with Matti Puro. Henri Kärkkäinen

    Television reporter Sonja Kailassaari42, saw as a teenager Hype-musical, was confused by what he saw and went to see it 12 times. He also headed straight away by Marco Bjurström for dance lessons.

    Kailassaari has even been seen dancing to Bomfunk MC’s Freestyler on video.

    Since then, going to training classes has turned into a rarely implemented form of fitness.

    However, this autumn, Kailassaari will have a dance teacher on the TTK dance floor Matti Puron with.

    The woman is nervous, even though she is a meritorious performer. Kailassaari hosts the Efter Nio talk show.

    – In my own work, however, I have prepared myself, now I am jumping into the completely unknown, Kailassaari analyzed at Thursday’s TTK pairs announcement event.

    The stream rushes along:

    – I think it’s a good thing that you’re excited. It shows that you want to do it seriously and develop in it.

    – There have been all kinds of exciting things along the way and it has always been resolved. No matter how much you get nervous before going live, there is still so much adrenaline on the floor that the excitement is palpable, says Puro.

    Of course, Kailassaari knows that the world won’t fall.

    – If it’s bad, it’s bad, what about it. Someone might laugh, he himself laughs, that’s it and then we just move on, he reflects.

    Puro has won TTK three times, so Kailassaari is in good hands.

    – I don’t know at all if I’m more of a standard dancer or a master of lattars… Kailassaari aprikoi.

    He appreciates the beauty of standard dances, but he also knows that Puro is a real lattari man.

    The dress code of Latin dances with its tiny bikini tops and fringed dresses doesn’t quite feel right yet, but Kailassaari promises to throw herself into it too:

    – Once you’ve jumped into this, you have to go completely into that world. The sequins and the bare surface probably take a little getting used to, but that’s part of it, let’s take it as a role, the woman says.

    The couples of the 15th season of the Dancing with the Stars competition were announced on Thursday.