Estelle Cruijff and Jaimie Vaes were bashed yesterday, together with their bosom friend Koen Kardashian, in the broadcast of Shownieuws. “Isn’t this almost a freak show when you see it like this?”

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    Jaimie Vaes made all the show media yesterday with a fragment from the latest episode of her reality soap. In it, she reveals that her abusive ex-boyfriend, Jorik Scholten (Lil Kleine), wants back the expensive watches he gave her and their son. Estelle Cruijff and Koen Kardashian are there and react with disbelief.

    Freak show

    The fragment in which Jaimie, Estelle and Koen respond to this news arouses feelings of disgust in Story boss Guido den Aantrekker. “Was this an election who has the thickest injected lips or something? What does this look like!”, he exclaims at the desk of Show news.

    Colleague René Mioch responded: “Not just lips.”

    Guido: “Isn’t this almost a freak show when you see it like that? I’m sorry to say. Oh, that’s not allowed? Okay.”

    ‘Well well!’

    Presenter Airen Mylene thinks that her colleague is learning a little too much here. “Well well. Do I have to defend this now? Some people like this.”

    Guido steadfastly: “Well, not me.”


    According to Guido it is ridiculous that Jorik wants those watches back. “It’s getting more and more disgusting actually. This is also quite embarrassing.”

    However, Rob Goossens, expert from RTL Boulevard, thinks that Jaimie is looking for a lot of attention. He tweeted: “If my courtship ever ends and it gets just as nasty as with Jorik and Jaimie, I hope you’ll give me a shot if I’m going to milk that in a reality series.”

    He continues: “The more episodes of Life In The Vaes Lane I watch, the less I want to know what side of this battle actually thinks. We’re looking at two glorified addicts who should care about their child instead of theirs petty fights.”


    The fragment in question: