This year, the work calendar of actress Taneli Mäkelä is filled with opera and TV and theater work.

    Taneli Mäkelä can be seen in the Helsinki syndrome series. The actor debuted in the opera at the beginning of the summer. Jussi Eskola

    Actress Taneli Mäkelä stars in the Helsinki syndrome series. He will be seen in the role of experienced police negotiator Jarmo Kiisken.

    The series ends by Peter Franzén around the story and social themes of Elias Karo, a highly intelligent entrepreneur. Karo kidnaps four Helsingin Sanomat reporters. For several years, Karo has been trying to expose the injustices that have been done to his family.

    Kiiski, played by Mäkelä, is capable of solving challenging situations.

    – He is a very interesting character who tries to get inside the other person’s head. He’s trying to understand what the fuss is about, to break the stalemate and open the dam. The stakes are high. An interesting situation, Mäkelä characterizes.

    Mäkelä was also seen this summer Vihtori Kosolan in the role The quiet will inherit the earth -opera at the Ilmajoki music festival.

    – It was my debut in opera. That was also fun to do, says Mäkelä.

    He says that he also likes to do singing roles. In recent years, Mäkelä has also recorded as a tango singer.

    – This was supposed to be the only speaking role in the opera, but yes, I had more to sing than to speak. You could sing briskly. Of course they were composed for me. The more demanding vocal parts were for professionals, says Mäkelä.

    Mäkelä’s work calendar is currently dominated by TV and theater work.

    Oona Airola, Peter Franzén and Taneli Mäkelä will be seen in the central roles of the series. Jussi Eskola

    I was interested in the Stockholm syndrome

    Actress Tuulia Eloranta will be seen in the Helsinki syndrome series as an editorial intern taken hostage.

    – I was terribly interested in the psychological aspect of what happens between the hostage and the hijacker. Helsinki syndrome refers to the Stockholm syndrome phenomenon, says Eloranta.

    Eloranta says that he has read articles and watched films related to the topic. In addition, the actor thoroughly familiarized himself with the background of his character.

    In addition to TV work, Eloranta is completing his studies at Teatterikorkeakoulu.

    Tuulia Eloranta prepared for her role by, among other things, reading about Stockholm syndrome. Jussi Eskola

    Career in music

    Actress Oona Airola plays an investigative reporter in the series. Airola’s mother Outi Airola works as a journalist.

    – Maybe I’ve quietly blurted out something about the work role. People have work and civilian roles, and here my character Hanna represents 99 percent of her work self. If something has been inherited from the family, then perhaps the attitude that “even if we go to the gray stone when we go there for a talk show – we will dig into the matter”. My character is terribly focused on his work, Airola describes.

    Airola has not asked her family for concrete tips.

    – I don’t usually go out to ask, because people create a story. You get a much stronger picture when you secretly observe how people act, Airola laughs.

    In addition to his work as an actor, Airola performs and records with the Ykspihlaja Kino-orkester.

    Airola’s sisters are also involved in the composition Laura and Give it. In addition, there are five other members in the band. Airola says that the ensemble was originally founded to make music for films, but now the work has expanded to, for example, Beyoncé versions.

    – We make new words for the songs in Finnish, Airola says.

    Airola also makes his own music, but time is often on the cards.

    Oona Airola also makes music. Jussi Eskola

    Helsinki Syndrome will be published in its entirety at Yle Areena on September 2 and will be shown on Yle TV1 from September 4.

    Here are the authors of the Helsinki syndrome series. Jussi Eskola

    Laura Malmivaara plays a hostage-taking delivery manager in the new series. The actor also invests in his other profession.