Emma Heesters gets a big blow out of the pan because of her interview with RTL Boulevard. In it, she states that the juice channels are lying about her relationship problems. “We just have proof!”

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    Six months ago, Emma Heesters was forced to admit an argument with her friend Wesley Hoedt, footballer at Anderlecht. The juice channel Juice Channel found that the two were regularly unfollowing each other and deleting photos of each other, which are signs of relationship problems in modern times.

    Relationship problems

    Emma couldn’t help but confess. “Yeah, we often do that. Super stupid and mega childish and now we learn that we shouldn’t do that. When we saw this passing by, we both thought: ok let’s both act normal now. It has given us insight again,” she responded at the time.

    Soon, however, Juice Channel started receiving tips from women who had naughty chats with Wesley. They have all been transferred one-on-one and partly still to find back on the juice channel. How about that? All photoshopped, Emma said at the time. Juice Channel proved otherwise with videos of the conversations.

    Cheating in Ibiza

    However, Wesley has not improved his life, reported Yvonne Coldeweijer a month ago. After his holiday with Emma in the Maldives (see photo above), he flew to Ibiza with friends. “The professional football player stayed in a villa with his mates and took one chick home after the other during night outs.”

    And then? “According to a spy, he went up with a girl one evening, came back down after the deed, brought the lady outside, only to immediately throw herself back on the next chick upon entering. While he had just been upstairs with someone else and everyone had seen that. This one has no shame.”

    Emma denies

    Emma was asked about it yesterday RTL Boulevard. “Yeah, those juice channels… I have to be honest, we don’t really care about that because it’s gossip to us. What I can say is that we are very happy with each other and that we are very much in love with each other.”

    Dan: “Our future plans together? Well, we are very happy, our house is ready in Antwerp, so we live there wonderfully. He is busy with football, I with singing and my career and we just enjoy life. We do not have any crazy planning kids or whatever.”

    Juice channel responds

    What does Juice Channel think about this? “Dear Emma, ​​whether you approve of your lovely boyfriend’s cheating behavior is entirely up to you. But don’t call it gossip, because all our followers then had the dirty can read conversations of his with other ladies here.”

    The juice channel persists: “Wesley Hoedt is a big cheater.”


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