Rob Kemps counts his money under the Christmas tree: ‘Almost a millionaire!’

Rob Kemps is warmer than ever during the Christmas season, knows the weekly magazine Party. It could just be that under the Christmas tree he is mainly busy counting money, because: “He is almost a millionaire!”

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The 37-year-old Rob Kemps, known from television and as the singer of the Snollebollekes, has had a top year. In addition to his many appearances in the country, he is also busy making television. Shortly after the turn of the year, he starts the program De 10 Questions, in which he interviews a series of well-known Dutch people.


He is doing well, reports the research editors of the weekly Party. “Although Rob Kemps has also been experiencing a bit of headwind lately, the successes with which he has put himself on the map are starting to pay off. All in all, Rob will start the new year with a big smile.”

The Party points out that Rob’s TV buddy Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is suddenly a kind of persona non grata has become and that he himself also came into the news negatively because of all kinds of nasty outbursts of anger.


It especially helps that Rob is no longer on the payroll of the Snollebollekes, Party explains. “Until recently, Rob was still on the payroll of the act Snollebollekes. But because the man who sang the song did not want to continue with the Snollebollekes, Rob was asked if he dared to do it himself.

The magazine continues: “When Rob was still on the payroll, big money didn’t disappear into his pockets; he didn’t make much of it. But that has clearly changed now!”

Million euros

The Party has looked at the annual figures of its two companies. “In a few years’ time, the total equity of the two companies has risen from 140,000 euros to 802,000 euros. This is proof that Rob can now stand on his own two feet.”

Rob also lives in a detached house of 740 thousand euros and there is also a few tons of equity on it, the magazine knows. “So Rob Kemps is well on his way to millionaire status and will undoubtedly uncork a bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve to celebrate that success!”

Rob on the canvas:

Rob was recently portrayed in Stars on the Canvas: