The property tax (ozb) in Den Bosch will increase by ten percent, despite inflation and continuously rising energy and gas prices. There is also an inflation correction of 5% on top. That increase was recorded a few months ago, for all price increases. That this is still being implemented is ridiculous, thinks Paul Kagie of Liveable Den Bosch. “It can’t be true.”

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    The municipality of Den Bosch says that it is currently unable to avoid an increase in housing costs in order to ‘achieve its ambitions’. For example, investments are being made in more housing, public space and making houses energy efficient. “In combination with the energy surcharge and the waiver of taxes for the lowest incomes, we keep housing costs as affordable as possible,” says the municipality. Money is also earmarked for freezing and assuming debts from residents.

    Paul Kagie of Liveable Den Bosch does not agree that the property tax is going up. According to him, the timing of the increase is already unfortunate, as everything is already becoming more expensive. “It wasn’t a good idea months ago when the new college indicated the increase. The past few months have only made it worse,” says Kagie. “Everything is already rising and we are happy to participate in that. Citizens in Den Bosch are going to pay more. Let’s set a good example with decent low taxes.”

    “Everything is already rising and we are happy to participate in that.”

    He believes that the rates for citizens should remain as low as possible. “Over the past ten years we have kept those rates as low as possible, but now this new council has said that we are moving towards higher taxes. Continue that line of the past ten years.”

    In principle, a higher property tax has no influence on people with a rented house, but Kagie thinks that landlords will pass on the higher costs. And he fears more victims. “Think of sports associations that are affected. Then you quickly have to think of two thousand euros extra property tax. That is on top of the already higher costs for, for example, the energy bill.”

    According to Kagie, it should also not be necessary to pass on extra money to citizens. “Den Bosch has a strong reserve”, he believes. “We can simply call on this for important plans. If the housing association has to bear more costs, there is less room to build houses. That does not promote the plan to build additional houses. In fact, extra burdens are now being placed on the corporations.”

    “We like to give something back to our residents.”

    Not all municipalities increase the property tax. In Goirle it remains the same despite inflation. “If the municipality is doing badly, we sometimes ask a little more from residents. If the municipality is doing well, we like to do something in return for our residents,” explains alderman Peter van Dijk.

    The municipality has received some ‘incidental’ money from the government, so there is room to give something back to the people of Goirlen. “And times are bad: people’s livelihoods are more expensive and energy costs are rising. Then we would like to compensate residents a bit by not allowing the property tax to rise and not making an inflation adjustment.” The Council still has to approve the Commission’s proposal, Van Dijk emphasizes.

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