Princess Madeleine’s villa in Florida won’t sell – Already had to drop the price

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill’s Florida home is looking for new owners.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill and children Adrienne, Nicolas and Leonore are moving from the Florida sun to Sweden. PDO

Princess Madeleine has announced that she and her family will move to Sweden in August. Since 2018, the family’s home has been located in the United States.

Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neill are selling their current apartment. It’s not just any little thing, but a 600-square-meter villa located in the area of ​​luxury villas in Florida. Madeleine and Chris bought it in 2020.

The house has eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, a spacious wardrobe, a terrace suitable for organizing parties and a swimming pool – among other things. The house is surrounded by a huge garden.

Jättihuvila’s asking price was originally 79 million Swedish kronor, or about 7.6 million euros. The price therefore more than doubled compared to the price of around 30 million kroner that Madeleine and Chris paid for it three years ago.

But the couple is not going to make a profit right away. It doesn’t seem to sell!

It takes an average of 44 days before an offer is made on a home for sale in Florida’s upscale area. After this, it takes an average of 35 days before the deal is signed.

Madeleine and Chris’s villa has now been for sale for more than 50 days and there are no interested buyer candidates.

In the United States, as in other parts of the world, the cost of living has risen and it also affects housing purchases. Madeleine and Chris have already had to reduce the price of their house. The new Asking Price is 77 million kroner.

Source: Svenskdam