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Financial advisors on campus: College should educate /

Commentary by Lisa Petrich

Freiburg (ots) – tax return – this word grabs many people with great horror.

This is where a free tax seminar comes in handy, especially for young people.

The university initiative Germany lures with large sums of money

students could get back. Could, yes exactly. Because the 6000 euros, the

are touted for reimbursement are for most students (…).

Only those who do a second degree (e.g. a master’s degree) can apply

Advertising costs such as trips to the university, semesters abroad, learning materials or

Allow tuition fees to be credited (…). How that works, but shouldn’t

explain the university initiative, which has nothing to do with universities and which

Lures students into sales talks with financial service providers. would have to

Schools and universities create needs-based courses – and the young people

educate and warn about free offers like MLP.

Financial service providers have no place on the university campus.


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