Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer are tight-lipped about their alleged breakup. The reason? “They have appointments with Eva Jinek to make the news widely known there.”

    © Ruud Baan, RTL

    The rumor that Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer are splitting has hit like a bomb. The Volendam artists have let it be known through their manager that there are solo plans, but it is not clear whether that means that their collaboration is over for the time being. They have been silent for days, also through their social media channels.

    Appointments with Jinek

    Telegraaf journalist Jordi Versteegden thinks it is a strange state of affairs. “Management has issued a statement to all the press. I’ve read those three times and one thing strikes me most: they neither deny nor confirm the ending of Nick & Simon. They talk a bit around it,” he says in the podcast Strictly Private.

    Private boss Evert Sankrediets, who was the first to bring out the rumor, knows why. “They talk about it a bit and that is because they have appointments with Eva Jinek to announce big news there. We lay down for that. We mowed the grass in front of Eva’s feet.”


    Nick & Simon will be in the season premiere of Jinek on Monday 29 August. People are deliberately waiting until that date, says Evert. “Of course it has everything to do with that big tour being announced and then ticket sales will start. The return from them is that they don’t really comment until then.”

    What about the rumors that the two can no longer air or see each other? “They are not conjoined twins of course. They are two different characters who were childhood friends, but over the years you also change and get annoyed. You continue to develop and a childhood friend from the past is not always a friend for life.”

    Nick & Simon

    Nick & Simon sing a song: