Evelina, who competes in the Dancing with stars program, saw a market niche in her talent.

    Singer Evelina competes with Marko Keränen in the Dancing with the Stars competition. Henri Kärkkäinen

    Singer Evelina will be seen in the Dancing with the Stars competition starting in the fall. Marko Keränen will be seen as Evelina’s star teacher. Marko already has an 11th season coming up.

    Marko has listened intensively to his star student’s songs and also went to see the concert.

    – It was exciting when I knew you were there in Ruisrock to watch. I was thinking that now we have to have fun, Evelina says to Marko.

    Evelina’s late summer includes other new territorial conquests.

    – A coloring semester calendar was published by me, Around the sun (WSOY), Evelina says.

    In her illustrated calendar, Evelina wanted to highlight, in addition to the saints, suicide prevention day and world mental health day.

    – When I had these exciting years, I had time to do a lot more of everything and do hobbies. I have always liked to draw and paint. I got the feeling that I would like such a coloring book, which is not an “adult coloring book”, but would bring out themes that are important to me, such as body neutrality and rights, says Evelina.

    Evelina suddenly realized that others might also like her coloring pictures. In the first meeting with the publishing house, all the plans already started to look clear.

    Marko says that he was also impressed by the versatility of his student.

    – I asked who illustrated this (calendar). Then it dawned on me that he himself. It told me that he is a more comprehensive artist, says Marko.

    In the TTK competition, Evelina wants to surpass herself and she also wants to go as far as possible with her dance partner.

    Benjamin Peltonen, who competes in TTK, told about his reaction when he was asked to compete.