D.from make-up to skin care, passing through the sense of smell: beauty to read is an excellent travel companion. To learn more or retrieve the latest titles, five beauty books to pack, in addition to the beauty case.

    5 beauty books to take on vacation

    1) More make-up for everyone

    He just arrived at the bookstore All the makeup tricks, the first book of Beatrice Gherardini, the most followed make-up artist on TikTok Italia with over 1.2 million followers. In a simple but effective way, Gherardini accompanies readers through the steps necessary for the creating a complete make-up. A manual dedicated to everyone, from beginners to the most experienced, enriched by many tips to use in everyday life (Mondadori, € 16.90).

    2) The beauty of imperfection

    The skin is an important organ and must be preserved, as well as the other parts of our body, without thinking about the easy use of cosmetic surgery. This and more tells about it Beauty is imperfection Antonino Di Pietro, considered the Italian father of Regenerative Plastic Dermatology, which has made the fight against skin aging a mission by looking for the best (never invasive) therapies to help the skin regenerate. (Solferino, 16 euros).

    3) It takes a nose

    Why do we have two nostrils? What is olfactory marketing? In The perfect sense between scientific research and many curiosities, the neuroscientist Anna D’Errico answers these and other questions related to the most mistreated human sense. He makes us discover i talents of our nose, describing its qualities and dispelling some myths, such as the idea that man has an underdeveloped sense of smell (Editions Code, 16 euros).

    4) Written on the skin

    A valuable guide to dermocosmetics. This is the successful intent of Skin. From health to beauty of the dermatologist and university professor Magda Belmontesi. Which, with a friuble writing, responds to many questions on this issue. From the ingredients of cosmetic products to the most suitable treatments for the most frequent imperfections up to the delicate theme of oncology, the expert makes us understand skin changes with advancing age and how to prevent and treat them with an adequate beauty routine. (New Techniques, € 16.05).

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    5) Grand olfactory tour

    Rich in content and beautiful illustrations, The great book of perfumes edited by Jeanne Doré and the authors of the Nez collective (born from the homonymous olfactory magazine, a point of reference in the promotion of perfume culture). An original journey into the world of fragrances, the art of perfumery and its secrets (Gribaudo, 24.90 euros).