More than half a billion for new construction and flex homes | News item

News item | 28-04-2023 | 13:52

To revive stagnant housing projects, the cabinet is launching a start-building impulse of at least €250 million. In addition, the Cabinet is making € 300 million available to stimulate the construction of flexible homes. More and more projects are coming to a halt or are delayed due to the deteriorating economic conditions, such as higher interest rates and increased construction costs. The total of more than half a billion euros should contribute to limiting the dip in housing construction and the accelerated realization of flexible homes.

Hugo de Jonge: “We are doing everything we can to keep housing construction going and to limit the dip in housing construction. That’s why these extra measures. But the government cannot do this alone. This requires a joint approach from all parties, taking into account the current circumstances. That also requires that we all have to adapt to this new reality.”

Start building impulse

The housing shortage is as great as ever, too many people are struggling to find a suitable home. More needs to be built. The government is therefore committed to the realization of 900,000 additional homes up to and including 2030. This start-building impulse should ensure that municipalities can submit applications for construction projects that are now being postponed or stopped due to the poorer economic conditions. Money that was reserved for the Housing Building Impulse in the coming years will be used in part for this start-building impulse in the short term. The aim is that the start-build impulse is deployed quickly. The cabinet will soon issue a letter with further details.

Extra money for flex homes

In addition, the Cabinet is allocating more than € 300 million for flex homes. The construction of flexible homes is the fastest way to increase the number of homes. Because flexible homes can be moved, a flexible shell is created in the housing market to be able to respond to changes. The €300 million will be made available in tranches over the next four years. Municipalities can therefore count on long-term support. The next tranche of the Housing Attention Groups Scheme will open in May, for which flex homes are also eligible. The first tranche of the new incentive scheme for flexible homes will follow after the summer and will be good for approximately 10,000 flexible homes. This aid is mainly intended for starters and other emergency seekers – including status holders and Ukrainian displaced persons.

Finally, € 16 million will be made available for adapting houses so that municipalities can more easily accommodate status holders with large families (with 7 or more family members). This scheme will also run for four years.

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