Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is screwed hard by the editor-in-chief of Beau and Jinek, says Private boss Evert Santegoeds. “It’s extremely spicy and I haven’t heard anyone talk about it yet.”

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    RTL 4’s late-night talk shows have given ample attention to the Volkskrant revelations about Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s misconduct: Jinek on the day of publication, Renze in the weekends after and Beau van Erven Dorens throughout his first broadcast week of the season.

    Afraid of Ewart

    Ewart van der Horst is the man behind all three talk shows. He is also the inventor and the first editor-in-chief of De Wereld Draait Door and his name is also mentioned in the Volkskrant article. In it, a former DWDD employee says that in the beginning people were mainly afraid of Ewart instead of Matthijs.

    This former editor: “People were especially afraid of Ewart at the time. He raged and raged over the editors. “Shit subject,” he would yell, kicking over a trash can. Colleagues cringed when he came by.”


    It is striking how the presenters of the RTL talk shows say nothing about their own boss, not even Renze Klamer, who is known as politically correct. Ewart’s name was finally mentioned last week by one of the guests, to which Beau came up with the excuse that it “is actually forgotten all the time.”

    In any case, Ewart and his mates do not forget to tackle Matthijs very hard and Evert Santegoeds finds that quite striking. “It does indicate that Ewart van der Horst is also sorting things out with his old buddy Matthijs van Nieuwkerk,” says the editor-in-chief of Privé in his podcast.

    Extraordinarily spicy

    Evert looks at it with surprise. “That is extremely spicy and I have not heard anyone else about it, but the fact that he gives those opponents of Matthijs such a huge stage indicates that the creator of De Wereld Draait Door is done with the face of De Wereld Goes crazy. It is remarkable to say the least.”

    After the publication of the Volkskrant investigation, the newspaper received many more tips about this issue. It is not clear to what extent these are also about the possible role of Ewart in the early days of DWDD.

    Witch hunt

    However, we should not turn it into a witch hunt, says Albert Verlinde. “Ewart van der Horst is a fantastic guy and has done De Wereld Draait Door for years. Now do Beau, Jinek, Humberto. He also knew! Should he leave those talk shows?”, he wonders in HLF8.

    “If you continue the consistent line, then you have to say: ‘He must also step back, because he also knew it!’”


    There is also a rumor on Twitter about the silence around Ewart: