Reeo set out to win Big Brother from the start.

    Competition winners rarely tell how they were really sure of their victory all along. Fresh Big Brother winner Reeo Tiiainen is another country.

    – Yes, I expected to hear my own name. It progressed one stage at a time, and actually the whole time I thought that this is our kind of hay, Reeo says the morning after the final.

    Head cold

    Reeo gives one interview after another and happily poses in front of the camera. Reeo doesn’t flinch at any question, not even the bare backside incident.

    The most ardent sports followers may remember how in the beginning of the 2000s, in the Floorball League match between AC HaKi-HIFK, one player had a really bad fit, and the result was a four-game suspension and a fine of 3,000 marks. That hot player was Reeo, who represented HIFK.

    Reeo was not surprised by his Big Brother win. Antti Nikkanen

    – I had a long injury below and I had been able to play at the end of the regular season. In the last seconds of the game, I had a chance to score, but I missed a bit, and we didn’t get to the next game. The enthusiastic audience from Vantaa raised their middle fingers and wished them a good summer vacation. I responded by showing my bare behind.

    Reeo says that he thought how good it was that there were no cameras there at the time.

    – In retrospect, I’ve thought that there were cameras there. It would be fun to envy and remember that incident.

    Merit list

    Having also celebrated the Finnish championship at HIFK, Reeo’s so-called list of merits also includes inventing the air lift together with a sports legend Janne Tähkän with. Inspiration was found in an Exel racket ad with a cat’s claw. Reeo wondered that when a cat picks up anything in the air with its claws, could the same be done to a ball. Reeo began to investigate.

    – I told Janne about it, and she was a bit like that an old dog doesn’t learn new tricks. In the end, we worked it out together and twisted the blades. It was Janne who launched it, he played in slightly bigger circles than ours. Janne is a big part of the whole aerial work, I don’t take any of the credits. Then one too Markus Huhtimo was a passionate airlifter.

    Reeo names Kallio as the best place in Helsinki, where he spends a lot of time even though he lives elsewhere. Antti Nikkanen

    Reeo gets excited to remember a televised game.

    – In the game in Pori, I had a shirt under my jersey that read “it’s hard”. After the air winch, I ran to vent in front of the camera and showed the text.

    Reeo’s friends haven’t forgotten the statement “It’s hard.”

    – My old playing partner, my good friend Jantta Alkio (sports commentator Jani Alkio) posted a message on Sunday.

    Next Survivors?

    Both Big Brother and Survivytjaj are Nelonen’s programs, and Survivytjaj has seen contestants familiar from Big Brother, such as Helmeri Pirinen and won the program a year ago Jasmine Yildiz. In the case of Reeo, it seems obvious that she will also be seen in Survivors.

    – As a family, this is not so simple. You have to talk about it with the family, if the invitation goes. But yes, I am interested in Survivors, in general all those where you compete and get to influence the program itself.

    In Big Brother, in the season that ended, you could plot and agree with others about voting. Reeo can’t directly say how he would have fared in the old model Big Brother, but the new one suited him, as you can see from the final result, extremely well.

    The winning amount was 30,000 euros. Jukka Alasaari

    – In such a format, life experience is important. I’ve seen a lot, and I know how to work in a group and how to make the dynamics work and how to be good to others. Yes, good comes to good.

    At no point during the three months spent in the Big Brother house was it particularly difficult for Reeo, and at no point did giving up ever come to mind.

    – At some point it got to me when I had to explain things too much. I felt that sometimes nothing was understood, and I got frustrated inside. Sometimes I wondered how not everything is always understood.

    Reeoa was also left wondering how boring his snoring sounded Make fun of it towards. When Reeo called Pirkka, one of the residents, chubby. Reeo brings up the topic himself. According to Reeo, the comment was not meant to be malicious.

    – And I’m not in any form of fitness either, Reeo says and points to his middle body.

    The Big Brother winner was awarded 30,000 euros. Reeo’s plans are to take his family, which includes his wife and two school-aged children, somewhere on vacation. I’m thinking of Mexico or Thailand.

    – My fifties are coming. I think that with the win, those parties will be bigger than what was originally intended.

    Again, Reeo has not had time to celebrate his victory. Antti Nikkanen