Nothe world of make up is spreading a trend that takes the name of “mascara cocktailing”. It is certainly not the first time that the topic of beauty has been tackled in the field of beauty layering, both in using multiple skincare products – to get the glazed skin by Hailey Bieber to the layering of fragrances to create your own unique olfactory signature. Now, however, the focus is on the lashes.

    Cocktailing mascara: the beauty trend for extreme eyelashes

    The technique of cocktail mascara focuses attention on the eyelashes, using several types of mascara in synergy to achieve the desired effect. There are various types of products on the market, designed and formulated to meet every need: from volumizing to those extra blackwithout forgetting the moisturizing or curling formulas.

    So why not use more mascara to create the extreme lash effect that best suits your style? Mascara cocktailing does exactly that. It allows you to superimpose various formulations, in order to obtain a “tailored” beauty look. But be careful: although it may seem very simple, this too beauty hacks it has rules.

    Overlap and curvature

    As a first step to perform a perfect “mascara cocktailing” you need to use an eyelash curler. This tool is essential for giving the hair an already more curved shape, allowing – through overlapping – to achieve an extreme result.

    False eyelash effect? Try layering different mascaras! (Instagram @jennaortega)

    At this point we need to move on to the choice of mascara. The advice is from prefer first a product that separates and defines the lashesto prevent lumps from forming right from the start.

    Then you can start studying overlap. You start by applying your favorite mascara, the most suitable according to your own mood and on occasion. Through a zig-zag movement then wrap the lashes with the second layer of product, from bottom to top. To achieve an optimal result it is good wait for each layer to dry before continuing.

    Gothic, Spider and Manga: all the 2023 eyelash trends

    However, the new trend of “mascara cocktailing” does not only come from TikTok. In recent weeks it has in fact increasingly defined the gothic-chic trend inspired by the esoteric world.

    Siren Eyes: the eye makeup trend for a more sensual look

    Beside them, the spider lashes or rather the “spider effect eyelashes” which remain a trend for winter 2023 as well. Characterized by a particular application of mascara which unites the eyelashes in small tufts giving them an almost “cartoonish” appearance.

    Finally, from Japan also come the Manga lash an evolution of the “spider” ones but which involves the use of tufted false eyelashes. In this case, in fact, the intent is to make the look bigger and more dreamy.

    How to do? That’s enough intersperse the false lashes with the natural ones and draw the lower lashes with an eyeliner too. And that’s it!