Viola Holt has no problem whatsoever that Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has fallen from his pedestal in front of the entire nation. She thinks it’s totally fine if he disappears from the tube.

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    There are celebrities who think it’s going too far how hard Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is being treated, but there are also enough people who think it’s a good signal that A-stars can no longer get away with transgressive behavior. The latter group certainly includes TV mummy Viola Holt. She thinks that Matthijs has gone too far.

    Anger as a pitfall

    Viola is crystal clear when the Story calls her to give her opinion on Matthijs’ TV future. According to her, there is only one outcome possible now that it appears that he has terrorized the entire editorial board of De Wereld Draait Door: a final farewell to the medium of television.

    The former presenter of De 5 Hour Show says that Matthijs can ‘never’ be on TV again: “No. Too much has happened and said. Shame about such a great talent. A charming, eloquent man with a pitfall of anger.”

    ‘A farce!’

    The Story has asked a total of six elderly celebrities for their opinion and only one other star thinks that Matthijs can never be on television again, namely Sjoukje Smit. She says, “No. I have always admired him, but that turns out to be a farce.”

    The other four celebrities seniors support Matthijs, namely Ronnie Tober, Tineke de Nooij, Frank Jansen and Liz Snoijink. Frank says: “It is outrageous how he was treated. He should have been protected by his employer.”