Linda de Mol must have known about the reputation of her beloved Jeroen Rietbergen, who was known in the world as ‘Dirty Jeroentje’. That’s what Shownieuws expert Victor Vlam says.

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    Like an embittered, fallen television star, Linda de Mol angrily shouted at the end of January that she will no longer say anything about the abuse scandal surrounding The Voice and her role in it. She had known for years about misconduct by her beloved Jeroen Rietbergen and about accusations against Ali B, but does not want to account for it.

    “She has to talk!”

    However, Victor Vlam, the new expert of Shownieuws, thinks that Linda cannot escape being questioned about this. He points out that, for example, she must have known about the dubious reputation of Jeroen, who, according to René van der Gijp, had been known in the world for ‘twenty years’ as ‘Dirty Jeroentje’.

    Linda will return to the media after the summer and she really can’t help but give a big interview, says Victor. After all, her breakup with Jeroen says a lot, but not everything. “I imagine she must say something about that.”

    Dirty Jeroentje

    Many viewers of Linda will mainly wonder what she knew about the reputation of ‘Dirty Jeroentje’, says Victor. “She really has to tell something about that situation, because I think a lot of people are curious about whether she knew the reputation of her husband Jeroen Rietbergen and whether she knew about his behaviour.”

    He continues: “The latter may not be the case, but it’s hard to believe that she didn’t know he had a reputation as ‘Dirty Jeroentje’, because that’s something we now know that just about everyone knew. So I think she really needs to say in more detail what she knew exactly.”

    With the buttocks exposed

    Linda can’t turn back and pretend nothing happened, Victor said. “It can’t seem like she’s holding things back. Her readers see her as a kind of friend and the moment you suddenly don’t tell or don’t want to say a number of things, it seems a bit like: I don’t trust my readers.”

    She just needs to give an interview about it, he thinks. “I think they should. Many people – and that is also her strength – see her as a kind of friend. You really have to expose your buttocks. But I can imagine she doesn’t like that.”


    Linda announced her return yesterday: