We at Smibanese University see that life like a big gimmick. It is a gimma that starts with birth and ends when you go out. And because I have no plans to go out for a long time, it’s a gimma that I want to dominate for a long time, do you neck it?

    For the Smibologically minded among us, a gimma is a fitting metaphor for the course of life. A gimma is a game, derived from the word game, and it is from this perspective that we face the daily test again and again. Our Islamic brothers, for example, also see living from their teachings as a test. Basically it comes down to the same thing. In both cases, the idea is that you make it, that you make it work in a model just, you understand?

    Gimma >[znw.] gih’ma a game, derivative of game, e.g. brother! don’t go thinking i’m on gimmas/no, man. You see everything as a kaolo gimma

    Seeing life as a gimma makes the challenge a bit more pleasant in my opinion. A test is an ordeal, and something like that can increase the pressure a bit too much. But when you think in terms of a gimma, you quickly see the fun in it. Because let’s be honest: that libi is also just a big joke. Somewhere, between all serious matters and important tasks, there is always a bit of irony to be found, and it’s that bit that prevents you from taking it all too seriously. That is why we see it as a gimma.

    As a renowned professor at Smibanese University, when I talk to our students about that libi, I explain a lot of shit using football metaphors. Ever since a youngin I already saw that there are many similarities between ballie and life. We are working towards a goal. To achieve that goal, it’s best to approach shit strategically. With a tactic that has been thought through to the bone, your chosen strategy is better expressed, and moving from that organization creates predictability. In whatever you plan, mastering technique is also important, because your technique determines at what level you operate. Practice makes perfect and the technique develops with flying hours. Discipline is also crucial, because without discipline your final score will still come home from a rude awakening. And make sure you’re fit, both physically and mentally, because that shit is at the root of everything.

    After all, just like in ballie, you have to reach the target in question and score! And the more the better.

    But to score you need your fellow man. Only the team can win. Teamwork makes the dream work. This team must be well attuned to each other, work from a clear idea and be driven by the right team spirit. Believe me, you can learn a lot from football if you read between the lines. And so it is always in that libi: the most valuable lessons are found between the lines. With this Smibological side note, look at the world championship in the coming weeks, with press conferences and all, then you will realize what I mean.