Women’s Serie A: pro round TikiTaka Francavilla, Città di Falconara and a Kick Off that beats Lazio 9-6 with super Stegius

    Waiting for the recovery of a Feldi Eboli back from the still positive Elite Round of Champions, despite the elimination at the hands of the battleship Sporting, in Serie A New Energy Napoli Futsal runs away again. In fact, Olimpus Roma did not respond to the great success of the Azzurri in advance, they risked big in the postponement against Fortitudo Pomezia, snatching a 3-3 in the final, which made them slip back to -4 from the top.


    At the PalaCesaroni in Genzano, in front of the Sky cameras, Fortitudo Pomezia has a better approach and opens the match with Simone De Simoni’s first goal in Serie A, a delicious touch underneath. Even Joselito’s left-footed winner from distance draws applause: posts and crossbars for both Lazio teams, defenses that are anything but bunkers to the full advantage for the show, but the result does not change: 1-1 at the interval. Fortitudo Pomezia restarts exactly as in the first half, only the scorer changes: Jordy Campoy makes it 2-1. Olimpus Roma continues to have problems in defense (21 goals conceded in the last 5 games) and after Ducci’s expulsion they also suffer the 3-1, a razor from Matteus. Down by two goals with 3’22” to go, D’Orto takes it back with the goalkeeper and thanks to a rearguard from Pomezia a bit like this: Tres Rudinei shortens the distance, 17″ from the sound of the siren Marcelinho puts in Molitierno for the final 3-3.


    These are the results of the ninth day of Serie A New Energy: Meta Catania-Italservice Pesaro 3-3, Napoli Futsal-Sandro Abate Avellino 6-0, Ciampino Aniene-Città di Melilli 7-1, L84-Petrarca 2-0, Nuova Comauto Pistoia-360GG Monastir 1-2, Real San Giuseppe-Came Dosson 5-3, Fortitudo Pomezia-Olimpus Rome 3-3, Futsal Pescara-Feldi Eboli 13-12 (7pm). Ranking: Napoli Futsal 24, Olimpus Roma 20, Feldi Eboli 19*, Futsal Pescara 17*, Sandro Abate Avellino 15, Meta Catania and Came Dosson 14, Real San Giuseppe and L84 13, 360GG Monastir 12, Ciampino Aniene 10, Italservice Pesaro 9 , Petrarca 8, Fortitudo Pomezia 8, Nuova Comauto Pistoia 3**, City of Melilli 1. *one game less, **one penalty point.


    Francavilla, Falconara and Kick Off take advantage of the big match between Pescara and Bitonto, an advance that ended 3-3. The Giallorossi leaders beat Rovigo 4-2: Othmani’s initial goal wakes up the first in the class. Who with a brace from Debora Vanin overturns the result, an own goal from Itu launches Cely Gaardo’s Abruzzo, Pereira reopens a match closed early by the usual Tampa, scoring for the 18th time only in the regular season, not counting the five goals in the Cup Italy. The city of Falconara, however, still at -1: despite the absence of Pato Dal’Maz – struck during the week by the grave mourning of the loss of his sister – clears Molfetta 3-0 with Rozo match winner. The one who wins the best match of the day, live on Sky, is a super Kick Off: Stegius and Grieco put on a show with four goals on each side, but the goals from the Swedish side are heavier, mvp in the blitz of Capital importance of the All Blacks, now third on a par with Bitonto. In the other Veneto derby matches at the Audace Verona, Pelletterie continues to win: it beats Irpinia and overtakes them in the standings.


    Pescara Women-Bitonto 3-3, Italcave Real Statte-Vis Fondi 0-0, VIP Tombolo-Audace Verona 1-2, Molfetta Women-City of Falconara 0-3, Pelletterie-Irpinia 7-3, Rovigo Orange-TikiTaka Francavilla 2 -4, Lazio-Kick Off 6-9. Ranking: Francavilla 22, City of Falconara 21, Bitonto and Kick Off 19, Pescara Female 18, Audace Verona 12, Lazio 10, Pelletterie 9, Irpinia 7, Italcave Real Statte and VIP Tombolo 6, Rovigo Orange and Female Molfetta 4, Vis Fondi 1.