21 years ago, Carlos Montavo founded QH Quality Home. Formed in the environment of multinationals, when he decided to open himself up in the construction business, developing buildings, both in the Capital and in the North, gave him the same character and first-line organization to which he was accustomed. “The management of the company had always been with the traditional system where it was built and sold through real estate brokers. This was the case until Carlos, with whom we are friends as well as partners, invited me to join the company in order to develop the commercial team. Thus, we began to focus on the use and analysis of big data to be able to offer the market what through this information we understood that the market was looking for, in terms of units, measurements and values”, says Enrique Kilmurry, Commercial Director and who, together with Carlos Montalvo and Julián Segovia, Financial Director, make up the company that runs QH Quality Home.

    – How many square meters have been built and running?

    We currently have more than 70,000 m2 delivered, made up of 23 buildings, and some seven buildings in the process of execution, in which we have units from US$ 35,000 to US$ 900,000, depending on the location, size and type of product. .

    – Can bricks be considered a good investment in the current context of the country?

    We see a very good investment opportunity in this area, especially in a country like ours where brick has the security of being tangible and of being an asset that, if one looks at the history, has always increased in value. Although it may have oscillations, it must be taken into account that these are long-term businesses, and the property was always a noble investment.

    – What kind of products do you offer?

    We offer real estate developments to both the investor and the final consumer, under the modality of binary trusts, where one has the option to buy at a fixed price or at cost.

    – What do you think are the characteristics that make the difference with respect to other companies dedicated to the same field?

    This is where we invested our greatest effort and where, without a doubt, we wanted to offer the market something different, but not only in terms of products but also in the way of offering them. We have a marketing department that works hard on the concept, not only of advertising campaigns, but also on the analysis of big data and all the information that each client provides us, nourished by suppliers with whom we are in constant communication to improve the performance of our communication campaigns. Then, we have the entire area of ​​commercial advisors made up of 15 salespeople specialized in each product; a sector that we call Fronting, which makes a first filter of the query; Coaching Department, where the entire company has its time as a coach to be able to work on any issue that feels stuck. And, finally, the Closers, who are the people who close the operations and specific negotiations of each operation.

    – What are the projects in the medium and long term?

    We have our expectations set on our latest releases. One is iLLa, a product in which we want to start our high-end line. We work a lot with the people of Remolino and his creative team to be able to put together the branding and to be able to generate a brand that accompanies us in all our products in this line. Even its name -which is of Quechua origin and means “Everything that has its own light”- marks what we seek to generate. We know that it is a market that today has very strong players, but I believe that we can join in and live up to it. We looked for larger spaces, focusing on the m2 that is lived inside and we proposed to put few amenities, literally two: pool on the ground floor and a very good SUM, and thus be able to generate low expenses and low maintenance. We have units with 2, 3, 4 and 5 rooms, and two exclusive penthouses on the top floor with their independent services. The concept of the latter was to create two houses in height with the comfort of a building. The other launch is the 3rd building in a range that we have already consolidated in the 9 de Julio corridor, in the university hub: apartments from US$ 35,000 aimed at first investment or housing and, above all, the temporary rental market. , either for foreign students or tourists. We sought to generate an investment token that competed with the value of a garage or even mid-range cars.

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