‘Fraction of a second’: last performance theater piece for more road safety

    Today they did that for the last time, in Heule.

    Actor in wheelchair

    ‘Fraction of a second’ is more than a gripping play, the actors are experts by experience. Rudy is in a wheelchair after a serious traffic accident.

    Stef Vanlee, actor in ‘Familie’ and ‘Dertigers’, is also an emergency nurse himself. The approximately 300th performance is now for fifth and sixth year students of Spes Nostra in Heule. The actors are committed to a change of mentality.

    “It’s you who pushes the accelerator,” says Stef Vanlee.

    “It’s you who has to look around and watch out. You decide whether you take your mobile and whatsapp while you’re driving. That is pure behavior. We notice that in recent years we have succeeded in shaking up the young people a bit.”

    Stop for the sake of health

    With the farewell of one of the young people, the performance is very confrontational. So the two stop for the sake of Rudy’s health. Unfortunately, the number of road casualties on West Flemish roads is rising again just now.

    “We always complain when we get a fine, but if you look at the neighboring countries, we are still lenient.”

    But maybe because of the performance in Heule that one less accident happens. “I think I’ll look around better and make good eye contact with the drivers,” says Lowie Bauwens.

    “As a motorist I will never get behind the wheel drunk. I will never get in with someone who has been drinking. My dad always says that too. He says I can always call him to come and get me,” says Lelie Inghelbrecht.