The leader attacked the management of UEFA, claimed the Superliga and criticized LaLiga: “They have turned a popular product into a luxury one.”

    Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, took the lead in the Ordinary general meeting of the club with a speech in the ‘President’s Report’ in which I send a message about the future of football and the super leaguethe competition promoted by the white leader.

    “To solve a problem you have to recognize that problem. Our sport is sick, especially in Europe Y Spain. It is losing its leadership in the world. Young people are less and less interested because they demand a quality product that football does not offer, since their competitions are not,” he said.

    super league

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    “European competitions must change. Matches that bring fans back to football and return football to its place of privilege. Nadal Y Federer they have played 40 times in their career. That’s boring? And tennis comes out reinforced. In soccer the Liverpool He has only played 9 times with him Madrid in 69 years. And with him Chelsea only four in the history of the european cup. What’s the point of depriving fans of those matches? Only by protecting football can we protect all members of football, from the most empowered to the humble. The UEFA increases inconsequential matches. The new model will only serve to accelerate the loss of fans and accelerate the decline, “he warned, pointing to the highest institution of continental football.

    The white leader also had harsh words for The league Y Javier Thebes: “LaLiga celebrates as a success that football is sold for the same amount as four years ago. The number of paying subscribers has dropped dramatically from 4 million to 2.7. We have lost fans and the solution is to charge more those who follow. They have turned a popular product into a luxury one.” And he concluded his intervention on the agreement with CVC: “Mortgage clubs’ fate for half a century”.