Anti-personnel mines for pedestrians: E-scooters are lying around on many sidewalks in Berlin

    E-scooters are lying around on a sidewalk (symbolic photo) Photo: picture alliance / Wolfram Stein

    From the BZ editorial team

    Serious e-scooter accident on Saturday in Mitte. There, a 21-year-old crashed into a Mercedes! The scooter then crashed into another car.

    According to the previous police investigation, the 21-year-old Berlin tourist was on the Wilhelmstrasse cycle path in the direction of Leipziger Strasse.

    When the driver changed lanes to the left shortly before the intersection of the two streets, she collided with an oncoming Mercedes belonging to a 43-year-old. The young woman was seriously injured as a result of the impact and the fall.

    The scooter finally threw itself against another passing Seat, which was controlled by a 33-year-old. Nobody was injured in the car.

    Rescue workers took the 21-year-old to a hospital with injuries to her head and both arms, where she was hospitalized.

    The investigations into the course of the accident are ongoing and have been taken over by a specialist commissioner’s office in Directorate 2 (West).


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