The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghihas urged Parliament to “rebuild” their coalition of national unitybehind the crisis caused by your partner 5 Star Movement (M5S)which forced him to present his resignation, now reconsidered.

    To move on mario draghi wants a new government pact to rebuild his coalition with “courage, altruism and credibility”. “The only way, if we want to continue together, is to rebuild this pact”, the Italian Prime Minister pointed out, in his long-awaited speech before the Senate. The former head of the European Central Bank He has thus left the survival of an Executive in the hands of the political parties of his coalition that “the Italians are asking to continue standing”, as he has said.

    The rejection of Draghi to be the head of a weak government remains categorical. But, for the first time since the beginning of the Italian political crisis last Thursday, Draghi has thus implied that there is a possibility that he will continue in the position. After days of great unknowns about the future of the country, the moment of truth will come this afternoon, when the parties will have to vote on a confidence motion in Parliament.

    It is at this moment when Draghi he hopes that the parties in his coalition – almost all the major ones in the country, with the exception of the right-wing Brothers of Italy – will express their allegiance to him. “I believe that a head of government not elected by the citizens must have the widest possible support from Parliament,” she argued.

    big challenges

    The challenges that Italy has ahead, the reforms that the European Union has requested, the economic crisis, the response that the country has to give to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. all these “emergencies” they are the reason why he has decided to reconsider his decision to leave, as he explained. “Italy is strong when it is united,” the politician insisted, reviewing the achievements of his government and emphasizing on more than one occasion the “recovered credibility of Italy & rdquor; to its international partners.

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    That is also why the conclusion that Draghi has reached in recent days is that the public wants him to remain in power. “The mobilizations of citizens these days are unprecedented and are impossible to ignore & rdquor ;, he stressed Draghiwho was interrupted on several occasions by both applause and boos from the senators present at the session.

    “Are the parties and you parliamentarians ready to rebuild this pact? Are you ready to rebuild that effort that later weakened over time? & rdquor ;, the president asked, also criticizing – on more than one occasion and with harshness – the decision of one of his government’s partners, the 5 Star Movements, to withdraw his support for the government coalition last week. The 5 Star Movement (M5S) did not vote on a confidence motion for its own government, distancing itself from the rest of its partners, which forced Draghi to present his resignation, rejected by the head of state, Sergio Mattarella.