Sweet Little Bunny singer Henkie (77) passed away | show

The idea for Sweet little bunny got Henkie at a wedding party where his son was a DJ and where there were some guests to the tune of Glory Glory Hallelujah sang a nursery rhyme about a little bunny, including the accompanying dance and gestures. At his son’s insistence, Henkie recorded the song and the rest is history. It became a gigantic hit, which was awarded a gold record in both the Netherlands and Flanders. “After a career of more than 40 years as a driving instructor, at the age of 61, thanks to the bunny, my father received the recognition he deserved as an artist,” said his son Marco Leeuwis in a press release. “Everywhere my father went, everyone was on the edge of his seat right up to the bunny,” it continues.

In recent years, however, Henkie has been struggling with his health, which forced him to say goodbye to his career as a singer. He passed away yesterday, in the presence of his loved ones, after a long struggle. Even during the last clear days of his life, he was especially grateful for all the beautiful things that happened to him. Sweet little bunny is now a classic. I am sure that people will not forget Henkie.” In addition to his gold-winning hit, Henk Leeuwis also released a series of other songs, including My Goldfish, Piet’s bicycle from pa, sjoe sjoewa and The Great Pancake Song.