Day of Care: Students participate in hospital

    Throughout the week, secondary school students spend a few hours with a real student intern, during a so-called ‘stage takeover’. One of the internships is the AZ Sint-Jan Hospital in Bruges.


    Axana and Anouchka visiting the pain clinic of the AZ Sint-Jan in Bruges. Axana is a final year nursing student at Vives University of Applied Sciences, and is doing an internship here.

    “I have done home and elderly care for 7 years and have already worked in a hospital setting. Because I like working with people and offering a listening ear. I want to become a nurse because then I can do the actions”.

    Anouchka is following the seventh year of child care in MIA-Brugge. Sunday is the day of care and she can walk with Axana this afternoon.

    “I would like to study nursing further to work in paediatrics”.

    “All hands are welcome”

    Due to corona, the popular healthcare courses were hit. So all hands are welcome, including seniors from secondary school.

    “They also have no insight into how hospital life works. It is positive that they can already get a taste of what things are like here,” says Laurens Batseleer of the Pain Clinic AZ Sint-Jan Bruges.

    An HBO5 nursing course takes 3 years, with many internships in the workplace.