The convicted violent criminals Alkan T. (left) and Rizvo M. again in court

    The convicted violent criminals Alkan T. (left) and Rizvo M. again in court Photo: Olaf Wagner

    By Anne Losensky

    So young and already so bad: Only ten weeks ago, Alkan T. (32) was finally convicted because he murdered a homeowner in Wannsee in 2021 who did not want to say where the gold bar safe was. Now he’s back in court.

    According to the indictment, the Wannsee murder was just the brutal culmination of a year-long series of raids on unsuspecting Berliners in their homes. This is the new charge:

    February 11, 2015, Ritterlandweg (Reinickendorf). A man in his mid-thirties is beaten half to death in his apartment. The weapon: a brick. He is also doused with a pot of boiling water – one fifth of the skin is scalded, danger to life. With the last of his strength he crawls to the hallway and calls for help. The perpetrators leave.

    January 25, 2021, Winterfeldtstrasse (Schoeneberg). A man in his fifties opens the door when the doorbell rings. He is forced into his apartment with a sledgehammer and knocked unconscious. Neighbors are annoyed by the noise and call the police. When officers knock, the perpetrators flee via the balcony on the third floor. In a sack: her victim’s wallet, car keys and five cameras. The accusation is: attempted murder out of greed.

    But the accused Alkan T. and Rizvo M. (28, Bosnian) are silent.

    Just two months later both were then involved in the burglary in Damsdorfer Weg (Wannsee). The landlord (57) woke up and was brutally beaten to death. Verdict for this: Murderer Alkan T. got eleven years in prison, Rizvo M. six years in prison. On January 3, 2023, the BGH ruled: The prison sentences are final.

    If Alkan T. is now convicted again, he faces preventive detention. Judgment on April 28th.


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