The words of the former viola: “Florence is my second favorite city”

    The former Fiorentina player (with a past also at Atalanta) Alessio Cerci made some statements to the microphones of Radio Bruno. These are the words of the former attacking winger, in purple from 2010 to 2012:

    “I see Fiorentina well, they have changed some players since last year but the game structure has remained the same. The squad is strong and can fight for a place in Europe. Any advice for Jovic and Cabral? I would tell them to be calm. , at the right moment the goal arrives, but if you are stubborn to look for it then it becomes an obsession. Europe? There may be a mental aspect but sometimes we underestimate foreign teams, Basaksehir is a team of value and with a good coach, I certainly did not expect 3-0 but the defeat did not surprise me. I played in the Turkish league and it is of a very good level “.

    “Fiorentina has many good players who have qualities, but so far unexpressed. I think of Sottil and even more Ikonè who has great potential, but then you see him playing and often misses the last play. I hope that Italian can make them mature. The player what I like best is Bonaventura. Atalanta? Gasperini’s hand has been fundamental in recent years, with him many normal players have become top players. On the contrary, I think he would struggle to manage great champions. “

    “Florence is my favorite city after Rome. With my family we feel at home and we stayed there for a few years, we raised our children, it is a city on a human scale and a jewel of beauty. It reminds me of my past in purple, which was a bit turbulent but with real feelings and strong emotions, I have a beautiful memory of Florence “.