Max Verstappen can already become Formula 1 world champion this weekend in Singapore. But what has to happen so that the Red Bull driver can crown himself with the world title for the second time?

    There are currently five drivers who theoretically still have a chance of winning the world championship title in Formula 1. In addition to championship leader Max Verstappen, there are – in this order – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), George Russell (Mercedes) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

    The seven-time title holder Lewis Hamilton, who fought a hot duel with Verstappen up to the last lap in 2021, was not involved in the fight for the crown this year and is now mathematically out of the race.

    Sainz (187 World Championship points) and Russell (203) will also not really match each other with six remaining races and thus a maximum of 150 points (plus possible six additional points for the fastest race lap) at a distance of 148 and 132 points respectively from Verstappen (335). get more hope.

    Instead, the Dutchman himself should now do everything to ensure that he already triumphs on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. This would be the second-earliest title win since Michael Schumacher in 2002, who was already confirmed as the title holder six races before the end.

    This is how Verstappen becomes Formula 1 World Champion in Singapore:

    Assumption: Max Verstappen wins in Singapore and is thus at 360 points, he also gets the fastest lap at 361 points.

    • Without the extra point for Verstappen Chaser Charles Leclerc can only finish ninth, Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Pérez can only finish fourth without claiming the fastest lap. With regard to Pérez, however, Red Bull should ensure that the Mexican does not endanger his team-mate’s early title win with clever folders.
    • Does Max Verstappen have the extra point in his luggage? if eighth place from rival Charles Leclerc would be enough for the Dutchman to win the title, Pérez should then also be fourth, as in variant one.

    Should Verstappen win and Leclerc stay on his heels by doing better than eighth/ninth place, there is at least a preliminary decision for Russell and Sainz: both are out of the world championship fight if the Dutchman wins in Singapore . Even with the extra point, there is no longer any mathematical possibility of dethroning Verstappen from the throne.