President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the opening ceremony of the 4th World Nomad Games, which was organized by the World Ethnosport Confederation in Bursa’s Iznik district and will last for 4 days. Meeting with President of Kyrgyzstan Sadir Caparov at the Presidential Tent set up in the event area, Erdoğan watched the World Nomad Games movie screening after the tree planting ceremony and horse delivery. The water brought from the Tanrı Mountains was also presented to President Erdoğan at the ceremony. The official opening of the event started with the speech of President Erdoğan. In his opening speech, Erdogan said:

    “I send my greetings from the blue pearl of our country, Iznik, to all my brothers and sisters who are devoted to sports, art and culture, wherever they are. It was hosted by Kyrgyzstan again in 2018. We accepted these games as a traditional sports organization at the summit of the leaders of the Turkish states organization. Today, we are together with our athletes and guests in the fourth of the nomadic games held every two years. Actually, this organization in Iznik It was to be held in 2020. We had to postpone it due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected our countries as well as the whole world. Thank God, today we are launching the fourth nomad games in Iznik, where every corner smells of history, culture and nature. When we say nomadic culture, it is as old as the history of humanity. we’re talking about the human ball For thousands of years, they have sought new living spaces for themselves in other geographies apart from the places where they have been for various reasons. Likewise, in a certain geography, the place changed continuously or according to the season. There are also communities that survive. The human communities that met during these long journeys influenced each other. Although the media and communication tools have turned the world into a small village, the most effective carrier of culture and human relations today, the increase in urbanization all over the world, the diversification of job opportunities, the provision of security and food needs by central states has undoubtedly limited nomadism to a great extent. However, none of us can consent to the disappearance of this culture, which has left its mark on thousands of years of humanity. For this, we see great benefit in keeping the nomadic culture alive with different aspects, both with the games we open and other similar activities. As a matter of fact, we refer to the smoking Yörük tent in the Taurus Mountains as the guarantee of our independence and future in our country. I consider this organization, which spread the Sons of Nomads worldwide, important with its mission to leave the ancient heritage of humanity to future generations. I congratulate those who contributed to the organization of the nomadic games that will bring many experiences from sports to art, from gastronomy to traditional sports for our youth and guests. I wish success to our athletes who will compete in the games and to the participants who will take part in other events. I would also like to thank our friends who have supported the survival of these games and leaving them as a legacy for the future with their participation and contribution.”


    Pointing out that the Nomad Games, held in Iznik and bringing the Turkish world together, are an important cooperation platform in the crisis the world is in, Erdoğan said, “This is a platform based on peace, solidarity and cooperation at a time when our region is scorched by religious and ethnic conflicts, tensions and crises. I believe that the games are a unique cooperation platform. As Turkey, we are pleased to host such an important program in a city of deep-rooted history and civilization like Iznik. I think that the relations we established with the countries participating in the Games and the positive energy that developed between the participants will open a new door for cultural diplomacy for all of us. “The participation of more than 3,000 athletes from 102 countries in the fourth nomad games strengthens this hope.”

    Stating that the games will broaden the horizons of young people in particular, President Erdoğan said, “Traditional sports competitions throughout the games will not only make our youth have a good time, but will also increase their interest in these fields. Thousands of people will compete in competitions in more than 40 branches, including equestrian sports and wrestling. We can already see the excitement of our athletes. Culinary delicacies from 20 different countries will meet with the participants in the gastronomy programs. Many traditional arts, especially calligraphy, marbling, paint, glass, handicraft, philography, rag dolls, mother-of-pearl, felt making, and of course, ceramics, the center of which is Iznik, are also nomadic. Many well-known artists from our country and the world will contribute to the coloring of our event with their concerts, folk dance teams and choirs.Many workshops from recycling to collagen, from toy design to painting are also included in the game program. We will witness an attractive, dynamic nomad game that is rich in all aspects. Among these, I see the work for our children as particularly important. Activities in the area established under the name of Children’s Obasi will provide a pleasant time for our children. The Nomadic Games Experience Center will allow visitors to travel from the past to the present and have a good time. The works of our talented artists and craftsmen, handicraft and sweat will also be exhibited in the exhibition and fair area, as well as in the ethno market.


    Erdogan continued his words as follows:

    “We look at these games as protecting a cultural richness that is on the verge of disappearing in the world and creating the ground that will keep it alive. Every activity held here is prepared with the mission of reviving history, refreshing and recording it in memory. We ensure that games can be new and permanent relations that bring our peoples closer together. We attach importance to the diplomacy aspect that provides opportunities at least as much as this. I hope we will continue to make every contribution to the nomadic games that will continue to develop, grow, enrich and become colorful every 2 years from now on. With these feelings, I welcome you all once again. Youth and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of this event, especially the Ministry of Sports, World Ethnosport Confederation.”