On September 20th, rapper RAF Camora launched his own McDonald’s menu entitled “Never forget the street”, which is available in all Austrian McDonald’s branches. Since the competition is known to never sleep, Burger King has now spoken up.

    A backlash – or rather, a diss – was posted on Burger King’s Austrian Instagram account. Four burger photos were uploaded with the following inscriptions:

    “Hey RAF. want beef Here you have it.”
    “Plastic palm trees? Then at least real burgers.”
    “Hey RAF. The King is in a different league.”
    “Hey RAF, I’m not your puta.”

    The caption goes on to say: “Hey @raf_camora, actually we love you anyway… but next time just come to us!”.

    This is how RAF Camora, Bonez MC and fans react

    RAF responded to the post with a tearful laughing emoji. Bonez MC is also visibly amused and commented “shotzz fired !!”. The fans, on the other hand, direct their attention to the author of the post in the comments. For example, they wrote “The social media and marketing officer deserves a raise” or “Okey I don’t know who takes care of the social media account for you, but I would soooo like to meet the person. Think that’s awesome.”

    Previously, Travis Scott released his own McDonald’s menu, causing a burger shortage in the United States after just a week. Individual ingredients even had to be monitored by the suppliers so that they arrived at every American McDonald’s branch. This was followed by rapper Saweetie and South Korean boy group BTS.