Now that December has finally arrived, Christmas is almost upon us. In order to set the mood for this time, we have put together a small list of Christmas songs. But in order to get some variety from the usual playlists of the wintertime, we have selected songs that bring a touch of hip hop under the Christmas tree.

    1. “Christmas at Swae’s” by Swae Lee

    Swae Lee, who co-founded hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd with his brother Slim Jxmmi, sings about what Christmas looks like for him. It’s starting to get cold outside and he’s standing in front of the warm fireplace, lost in thought. Because although a certain person is on his wish list, they are not with him under the mistletoe – and he promptly switches from eggnog to wine.

    2. “This Christmas” by Mary J. Blige

    Admittedly, Mary J. Blige is more of an icon of the R&B genre than hip-hop. But even there she is indispensable and an important part of the story. She got what Swae Lee wanted on his wish list for Christmas and is celebrating with the right person. Together they sing their way through the night and it’s a very special Christmas. Therefore, she wishes everyone a happy time.

    3. “Christmas in Hollis” by Run-DMC

    Who is definitely not spending Christmas alone, are Run-DMC and therefore they tell about what Christmas is like in Hollis, a borough in the borough of Queens, New York. Santa Claus is kept waiting by his elf, is pressed for time and loses his wallet. But the rappers would never steal from Santa Claus and therefore send him the wallet back. As a reward, there is even more money from Santa Claus and a proper party can be celebrated.

    4. “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto” by Snoop Dogg

    So after Santa Claus has been around Queens, he goes straight to the ghetto to do good deeds there and replaces an empty bottle with delicious champagne for a homeless man. Snoop Dogg raps as a pastor about the twelve days of Christmas and that you should pinch the Grinch. Also for Nate Dogg, Dazz Dallinger, Bad Azz and Tray Dee, who accompany Snoop Dogg, there is nothing better than spending the holiday season with their loved ones.

    5. “Hell’s Carol” by Hopsin

    Hopsin doesn’t seem to have taken Snoop Dogg’s warning seriously and has decided to kidnap Santa Claus to spoil the festive season in Grinch fashion. In addition, he has two of Santa’s helping elves on his side, because they even help him to tie up Santa Claus.

    6. “All I Really Want From Christmas” by Lil Jon

    Since Hopsin has kidnapped Santa and Santa’s elves are not to be trusted, Lil Jon has teamed up with the Kool-Aid Man. With its red colour, it fits into the Christmas season at least. Lil Jon would rather drink Kool-Aid than Eggnog at this time and modestly wish for everything on his list.

    7. “All I want for Christmas X Crank That” by Mariah Carey and Soulja Boy (Remix)

    Since no Christmas goes by without Mariah Carey’s classic, this song is of course not missing here either. But at least they probably heard this remix. This song certainly doesn’t encourage you to unpack your presents or eat Christmas goose in a contemplative manner.