Zakharova saw contradiction in US statements on spheres of influence – RBK

There is a contradiction between the statements of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the protection of the basic principles of international relations, including the inadmissibility of establishing spheres of influence, and the country’s real actions, said Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. About this she wrote in your Telegram.

She recalled that Blinken previously argued that one of the goals of the United States in negotiations with Russia on security guarantees is to protect the basic principles of international relations – the inadmissibility of changing borders by force, limiting participation in alliances and establishing spheres of influence.

“Do we understand correctly that Washington no longer supports the“ sovereignty of Kosovo ”and no longer objects to the return of Syria to the Arab League?” Asked Zakharova.

Stoltenberg opposes new spheres of influence conference with Russia

According to her, the United States did not previously have the right to take these actions in relation to regions to which it does not belong, as well as where it does not have an international legal mandate to resolve conflict situations there, following Blinken’s stated position against the establishment of spheres of influence.


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