With the Kapsalon Theater campaign, the cultural sector wants to give out a national protest sound. In theatres, visitors can get their haircut and watch a performance at the same time. This is because hairdressers have been allowed to go back to work since the weekend, while cultural institutions such as theaters, museums and theaters remain closed.

    In Amsterdam, for example, De Kleine Komedie theater is being transformed into a ‘hair salon’, where visitors can enjoy performances during a ‘haircut’. Youp van ‘t Hek and Freek de Jonge, among others, are planned.

    Halsema fully understands the dissatisfaction in the sector. “Art and culture bring comfort and are an important foundation of our city,” she writes. “At the same time, we are still in a pandemic and the national corona measures apply. The college has to maintain that.”


    Halsema’s reaction completely upsets Youp van ‘t Hek. He finds the decision ‘rarely childish’ and lashes out mercilessly. “She has to think about her younger years. Now she’s just a suit bitch. Amsterdam unworthy,” it sounds ferocious.

    Claudia de Breij: „Of course this makes the action more fun to continue. There is nothing more beautiful than a protest when it is not allowed. If everyone comes to pat us on the head, it is of no use to us either,” it sounds sober. “Although I am a bit surprised about Halsema’s reaction to be honest. Also because the mayor supported other actions when the catering industry or shops opened in protest,” says De Breij, who suspects that it is a ‘split’ for Halsema.

    “So terribly complicated”, sighs CDA councilor Diederik Boomsma. “Omicron turns out to be less sickening after all, and these kinds of measures do not apply in other parts of Europe. But if these are the rules, then you have to stick to them. The demonstration is understandable, but Halsema must maintain her position. It’s a terrible situation, that’s for sure.”


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