“Women throw my panties on the windshield”

The ‘Ruta del Bakalao’ was very present in ‘First Date’ with the visit of Sergio. This 44-year-old Valencian marketing specialist entered Cuatro’s restaurant remembering how he experienced this time in his own skin: “It was an unforgettable experience”.

As soon as he entered the door of the restaurant, Carlos Sobera declared himself a fan of the jacket he was wearing, later telling the cameras what its supposed origin was: “I spoke with Dolce&Gabanna and told them that I wanted a jacket exclusively and uniquely for me. As this is not going to see another, just like me, exclusive and unique in my kind“.

Moments after this presentation, Sergio knew that he was going to meet Alicia, a 40-year-old Valencian DJ, actress and educator, who defined herself as an “earthquake” person: “I consider myself someone who has a very good head on the site.”

I got it right the first time, it’s from Valencia and there are few quiet people leftAlicia assured after having the first contact with Sergio, who also had a very good impression of her: “I really liked her physique. She is a beautiful woman. She is the prototype of a girl that I like.”

Once seated at the table that the restaurant reserved, the truth is that both took advantage of the evening to get to know each other a little more thoroughly, but everything began to go wrong with an unfortunate detail from Sergio. The Valencian let out a burp in the middle of dinnerhaving no success in hiding it: “This (the drink I was drinking) is making me thin”.

“Already? Well, you do have little stamina…” Alicia told Sergio, who made a confession to the Valencian woman: “I’ve had two beers before coming, but here I’m going to drink everything, even the water in the vases”.

From there, Sergio only gave moments with which Alicia did not cease to be surprised in the final stretch of the date they shared: “Life is going pretty well for me, I don’t lack anything. However, I want to find a woman who is not with me because of the interest.”

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I get out of my car, and since it’s a sports car, women throw my panties at my windshield, but I don’t like that.. They are surprised because I have a flat, a Lamborghini and a motorcycle… a high standard of living,” assured the Valencian.

In ‘The final decision’, both agreed when it came to explaining that they did not want anything romantic with the other. “I would like to meet her as friends, we would get along greatwe would have a great time partying, but as a couple I don’t think we’d get anywhere,” Sergio assured before leaving the ‘First Dates’ restaurant.


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