Wilfred Genee is surprised that Humberto Tan visits nude beaches. He thinks that there is a great risk that the presenter will eventually end up on a juice channel.

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    The item about nude recreation in Eva Jinek’s talk show has yielded a spicy revelation. Toni Peroni, who is a big fan of nude recreation, revealed that he ran into Humberto Tan on Monday at the nudist beach of Castricum. The item in Jinek was already mocked in Today Inside on Wednesday, and yesterday it was specifically about Humberto.

    ‘Quite remarkable’

    Wilfred Genee doesn’t understand why Humberto goes to those kinds of beaches. “We just cycled over it, but I think it’s quite remarkable that Humberto goes to a nudist beach. Or would it be for privacy?”

    Colleague Johan Derksen: “Yes, but I really think that is something that everyone should decide for themselves.”

    Wilfred: “Yes, I think so too, just…”

    Johan: “I don’t have that inclination and if Humberto does have that inclination, Humberto should know that.”

    Wilfred: “I think so too, it’s not like that.”

    In your bare togus

    Table guest Job Knoester: “Why do you think it’s remarkable?”

    Wilfred: “I’m trying to introduce myself… Would you feel comfortable there? The danger that people there again…”

    Job: “What danger? What then?’

    Wilfred: “Well, then you are suddenly naked on all kinds of sites.”

    Johan: “Well, we do have a picture of him coming out of the water!”

    VI then starts a movie of a random black man with a large member walking out of the sea.