What you should know about: the bridal fashion label Cymbeline

The French label Cymbeline specializes in the manufacture and sale of wedding dresses. The brand also offers bridal accessories as well as an image and styling advice service. Cymbeline has 30 monobrand boutiques worldwide, including four in Paris, and a sales network of over 200 multi-brand stores.


Cymbeline is a medium-sized family company from the city of Nemours, which was founded in 1975 by the three Joubert sisters. The house is one of the leading brands in the middle and upper price segment in the bridal fashion industry in France. In addition, Cymbeline exports worldwide and is represented at relevant trade fairs.


In 1975, Évelyne Delaroche, her twin sister Chantal Joubert and her sister Monique Joubert founded the company Cymbeline. The brand quickly succeeded in conquering the French, then the European and finally the global markets. Although the number of weddings declined in the 1990s (254,000 in 1994 versus 312,000 in 1982), Cymbeline was able to prevail and achieved a market share of 7.75 percent in 1995, compared to a share of only four percent ten years earlier. This year Cymbeline sold 35,000 dresses and had a turnover of more than 6 million euros.

In 2000, Cymbeline operated more than 60 boutiques worldwide. Due to difficulties with various partners, the three sisters left the company in 2014 to embark on another adventure: the establishment of the Emelia Atelier. At the same time, legal insolvency proceedings commence for Cymbeline in December before the company is taken over by Jean-Philippe Lautraite. Under his leadership, Cymbeline opens branches in Angers, Fontainebleau, Rennes, Besançon and Lille. Cymbeline is striving to expand its sales network and open around twenty sales outlets in France, as well as increasing its international presence. In the same year, the brand collaborates with Margareth & Moi, a French atelier that specializes in the creation of made-to-measure evening dresses. Together they present six exclusive models.

In 2018, the French bridal fashion house chose Milan as the backdrop for the presentation of the new collection for 2019. Under the thematic guide “Paris”, the fashion show honors “the most romantic city in the world”. In collaboration with the Guffanti Concept Showroom and the Boutique Le Spose, the brand presented a preview of the new collections for 2019 in Milan on Friday, April 6th.


In 2020, the Cymbeline brand will take over the Pronuptia business and hand over the management of the branch to the former employee Christine Lamy. The Paris label presents its new collections at the international trade fairs in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Essen and Düsseldorf or at the Barcelona Bridal Week. The 2020-21 collection of Cymbeline wedding dresses is available in the single-brand boutiques and the many multi-brand stores that represent the French label. The current line is diverse and offers dresses with original names.

This translated and edited post was previously published on FashionUnited.fr. Translation and editing: Karenita Haalck.


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