‘Wendy van Dijk accepts a TV career without ratings hits’

Wendy van Dijk accepts that she is no longer a viewing figure gun. She has decided not to worry about her scores anymore. At least, that’s what the well-known medium Marion Berndsen reports.

© William Rutten

Marion Berndsen, who as a medium knows broadly what will happen in the upcoming year 2023, has been told by weekly Story asked to shed light on a whole series of well-known Dutch people. One of them is Wendy van Dijk, who is increasingly threatening to become a thirteen-in-a-dozen presenter.

Sheep on dry land

Wendy was the big star of RTL 4 in her Voice years, and before that with titles such as Hart in Aktie and Ushi & Van Dijk that of SBS 6, but nowadays her viewing figures leave much to be desired. She has been able to quartet with viewing flops since she switched to John de Mol’s Talpa.

Fortunately, the 51-year-old presenter has long since put her foot down and she is not too worried about it, Marion knows. She thinks it helps that Wendy’s marriage to Erland Galjaard is back on track. “Her marriage to Erland feels really good.”

Focus on private life

Wendy’s stubborn pursuit of high viewing figures has made way for a different focus, Marion knows. “More than ever, she is very focused on her home base. Wendy thinks her private life is more important than her work. Her husband, her children… She is more concerned with that in the future than her career.”

Maybe Wendy will stop? “She will continue to work, but she is no longer so focused on a ratings hit. She receives offers for many new television programs and she says yes to that. But it doesn’t have to be a hit for her. Quality over quantity. I feel a lot of resignation with her.”

What about Linda then?

What about Linda de Mol, who, despite everything, is still regarded as the biggest star of SBS 6? It is whispered that she is secretly back together with Jeroen Rietbergen and that leaking it threatens to become a publicity disaster.

Marion sees it differently: “He wants her back, but Linda doesn’t want him anymore. I envision a move, she wants to start over somewhere else. She will have a new relationship, but that will take a while.”


Other celebrities about whom Marion sheds light include Johnny de Mol, Marco Borsato, André Hazes Jr. and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. You can read it all in the latest Story: